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Carmen Sandiego The Secret of the Stolen Drums

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Genre: Puzzle
Publisher: BAM! Entertainment
Developer: Artificial Mind And Move (A2M)
Release Date: 9/13/2004
Language: English
Rating: Everyone

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Priceless African antiquities are disappearing from museums all over the world; and the thefts seem to bear all the marks of a certain infamous über-thief. Yup; Carmen’s back and this time the light-fingered felon’s been nabbing African drums from exhibits across the globe. Join rookie A.C.M.E team agent Cole Gannon on an international jaunt to apprehend the world’s most elusive thief.

Either Carmen’s decided to cash in her thieving chips and form the world’s largest percussion group or there’s more to these drums than meets the eye. As Gannon you’ll embark on a global adventure in search of Sandiego using stealth skill and superior problem-solving abilities.

Explore nine different locations – including New York New Zealand and the Incan ruins of Machu Picchu – and learn all about their history and geography. There’ll be enemies waiting at every turn too so you might want to crack out those martial arts skills you picked up at the A.C.M.E academy. You’ll also be armed with a staff which aside from being useful for hitting bad guys with acts as a blow gun and vaulting pole. Useful.

  • Explore nine different world locations
  • Learn about the history and geography of each region you journey through
  • Tout a multi-purpose staff for fending off enemies


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