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Adventures of Bayou Billy

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Genre: Fighting; Adventure; Shooter
Publisher: Konami
Developer: Fonfun
Release Date: June 1989
Language: English

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You’re a ragin’ Cajun on the tail of a swamp rat. For the first time ever; three of the most awesome action video experiences explode into one mean swamp stompin’ adventure. From zappin’ mobsters and wrestlin’ gators in muddy marshes; to chasin’ through the streets of New Orleans; drivin’ and a shootin’ in your road huggin’ four wheel drive doom machine; you’re up against it all! ‘Cause dat Gangster king of Bourbon Street has snatched your best girl — pretty little Annabelle; the sweetest honey around — and run her off to his heavily armed estate; a plantation filled with perils and pitfalls. So muster up courage and sharpen your foot long blade. It’s time to go huntin’. But if you ain’t careful; the prey will eat you alive — I Gar-Ron-Tee!


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