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Bases Loaded 2 Second Season

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Genre: Sports
Publisher: Jaleco
Developer: Jaleco
Release Date: January 1990
Language: English

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Do you have what it takes to play and manage a World Series team? You’ve got all the tools. Diving stops and leaping catches. Stolen bases and precision pickoffs. A pitching staff of junkballing lefties; flamethrowing righties; and crafty old relievers. But the key is to know when to use them; on any given day or play. You can tell a lot from your player’s state – the most detailed in video baseball history; from streaks and slumps right down to each player’s biorhythms – daily mood and physical condition. Beyond that; you have to rely on instinct alone. Because this is the ‘SECOND SEASON.’ When baseball becomes a thinking man’s game; a war of nail-biting drama; strategy and nerves. When a world championship rides on every pitch; and one wrong move can end your season. From the first costly error to the last clutch hit; this is baseball at its very best. A big step up from the original ‘BASES LOADED’… and a world away from any other video baseball game.


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