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Trace Memory

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Genre: Adventure
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Release Date: 9/26/2005
Language: English
Rating: Teen

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Game Storyline: While researching human memory for the government’s secret lab; scientists Richard and Sayoko Robbins suddenly disappear and are presumed dead. Ten years later; their daughter; Ashley; receives a letter from Richard; telling her that he is still alive and sequestered in a lab on Blood Edward Island. Ashley traces the letter to the island to find the truth behind her parents’ mysterious disappearance. Once there; she discovers that her parents had been working on a memory-generating computer called Trace but the connection between Trace and their disappearance remains unclear.

While searching for Richard Ashley befriends a ghost named D who is looking for answers of his own. Having lost all his memories and any recollection of his death D is destined to remain in limbo and wander the island until he recovers them. Together they set off to find the truth of their pasts.

  • Twists and turns await around every corner. It’s up to players to figure out the truth from the clues on the island. Trace Memory’s rich story will appeal to young and older audiences alike.
  • As players move around the 3-D map the touch screen displays a breathtaking birds-eye view of the action while the top screen shows a first-person view of scenes and conversations.
  • To advance in the game players must to solve innovative puzzles that take advantage of the DS’s unique features: touch screen dual screens mic and stereo sound.

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