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Smart As

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Genre: Puzzle
Publisher: SCEA
Developer: Climax Entertainment
Release Date: 11/2/2012
Language: English
Rating: Everyone

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Smart As is a social revolution in brain training; exclusively for PlayStation Vita. Always believed you were smarter than your friends; family or even your boss? Well you can discover the truth with Smart As the game that puts your knowledge to the test against the world.

Smart As takes full advantage of PS Vita’s touch screens cameras and augmented reality capabilities to put your brain to the test in 20 unique engaging tactile and highly-interactive puzzle games testing your skills of Arithmetic Logic Language and Observation. Your scores from each category are used to calculate your overall Brain Power and the more you play the better your chances are of increasing your Brain Power score and unlocking new puzzle games.

  • The best part about Smart As is that it’s not just a brain training game; it’s a social experience too.
  • When you play Smart As on-the-go using PS Vita’s Wi-Fi and/or 3G connectivity you can compete with friends on Facebook and share your scores to prove you are the brainiest of the bunch. Access online leaderboards to check how your performance rates against PlayStation Network friends people that you’ve met through NEAR players in your city country continent and even the entire world.
  • Using PS Vita’s NEAR feature you can drop puzzles for nearby users to pickup and discover new challenges left by other players. If your challenge is beaten you will be notified and given the opportunity to replay your original challenge in a bid to put yourself back on top.
  • Last but not least you’ll even have the opportunity to play challenges in different regions with the Street Smart mode and by completing in as many regional challenges as you can you will get to prove that you are smarter more traveled and more connected than your friends.
  • So what are you waiting for–find out whether you are smarter than your best friend person next to you on the train a complete stranger or even your boss!

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