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La Pucelle Tactics

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Genre: RPG; Strategy
Publisher: Mastiff
Developer: Nippon Ichi Software
Release Date: 5/4/2004
Language: English
Rating: Mature

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La Pucelle: Tactics is a tale of betrayal and double cross; monsters in human form and humans in monster form; set in an alternate medieval Europe. The unlikely hero is a smart mouthed and undisciplined sixteen year old who just passed her exorcism exams and her comrades in La Pucelle a demon hunting squad.

  • Dark Portals and Purification: Brand new to the RPG world use your powers to purify defiled ground and enemies. If pulled off right the effect is like having a super-giant combo.
  • Damage multiple enemies at once
  • Stop new enemies from appearing
  • Strengthen items in real time
  • More detailed story and character development than Disgaea
  • Fast leveling system: Items characters and skills can increase every round of battle for well earned instant gratification.
  • Carry up to 149 items and use them to learn special magic.
  • Turn enemies to allies. Bring up to 8 units into battle.
  • Seize the high ground! Battlefield terrain will vary in height: attacking down is way better than being attacked from above.
  • Attack in formation with your allies – Wave Attack and Simultaneous Attack
  • Great balance of difficulty with early stages functioning as a tutorial characters with real personality beautiful hand drawn backgrounds
  • Over 100 hours of gameplay with multiple endings


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