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Deception IV: Blood Ties

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Genre: RPG
Publisher: TECMO KOEI Europe
Developer: Tecmo
Release Date: 3/28/2014
Language: English
Rating: Mature

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In this imaginative follow up to the classic Tecmo title ‘Devil’s Deception’; first released in 1996 on the PlayStation; players can get a taste of what it’s like to play on the side of evil. Much like its predecessors; Deception IV: Blood Ties is a strategy focused action game revolving around a deceitful main character known as the Devil’s daughter who; assisted by three Daemons defeats her foes through trickery.

Deception IV follows the story of Laegrinna an animated fragment of an imprisoned Devil’s soul as she battles her enemies by mischievously luring them into strategically placed traps. From rolling boulders and spiked walls to spring boards Iron Maidens human cannons falling bathtubs and banana peels the player can choose from a multitude of dramatic sadistic and comical traps in order to finish off an enemy. Setting traps is not enough though as they need to be activated in turn. Timing also plays an important role as an untimely activation could result in Laegrinna falling into her own trap or allow her rivals to catch up her. Depending on the manner an enemy is killed or captured the Devil’s three servants: Veruza Caelea and Lilia (each representing a different aspect of cruelty: Sadistic Torment Elaborate Death and Humiliating Demise) reward points and upgraded traps.


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