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Darkstalkers Chronicle The Chaos Tower

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Genre: Fighting
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom
MultiPlayer: Wi-Fi; Same Screen
Release Date: 3/22/2005
Language: English
Rating: Teen

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Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower features five different modes of play. Arcade Mode is a seamless conversion where players must defeat numerous CPU-controlled characters. Training Mode gives gamers the option to choose their favourite character and hone their skills. Network Mode allows friends to engage in three different wireless head-to-head networked battles: versus; limit battle and league.

Versus offers true two-player competitive matches. Limit Battle randomly assigns a handicap to both challengers; forcing them to strategize their moves in order to claim victory. League allows four players to battle in round-robin mini tournaments where the order of turn is determined by the number of wins and loses. In the new Tower Mode; select three characters from the extensive roster and ascend to the pinnacle of a mysterious tower where many opponents await players. The course taken and fighting conditions will change dynamically based on performance during the multitude of one-on-one battles. Pitting the right competitor against an opponent will be the key to success. Progression through Tower and Arcade Mode directly affects the new Chronicle Mode which is a gallery that houses a collection of unlockable bonus materials that including original artwork and movies.

  • Full roster of Darkstalkers characters – Reunite with all 18 infamous night warriors including: Demitri Maximoff the Vampire whose sharp skills include the dreaded Chaos Flare; Bishamon; the Samurai ghost warrior from Japan who possesses a cursed suit of armor and uses Storm Wind and other powerful moves to beat his enemies and the Succubus Morrigan Aenslaed; a Scottish renegade who’s known to have an array of magical powers including the Shadow Blade
  • Two selectable screen settings – Change the size ratio of the screen at anytime by choosing either normal or wide resolutions.
  • Five modes of gameplay:
  • Arcade – Defeat numerous CPU-controlled characters to reach the final boss
  • Training – Practice various moves and combos to perfect fighting skills
  • Network – Engage in network battle using a wireless LAN and select between three different types of modes
  • Versus – Two-player competitive matches where players can adjust the handicap and select different stages
  • Limit Battle – Both fighters will be randomly assigned a handicap forcing them to strategize their moves in order to claim victory
  • League – Up to four players can battle in round-robin mini tournaments
  • Tower – A survival-style mode that lets gamers pick a team of three who will journey to the top of a mysterious tower and defeat the enemies they encounter through a multi-path tournament. Advancement and winning conditions will change depending on performance during each clash which in turn affects Chronicle mode
  • Chronicle – Progressing through Tower and Arcade Mode will reveal a cache of items in Chronicle Mode which house a collection of unlockable bonus features including original artwork and movie galleries

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