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Arc the Lad End of Darkness

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Genre: RPG
Publisher: Namco Bandai
Developer: Cattle Call
Release Date: 6/14/2005
Language: English
Rating: Teen

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Arc the Lad®: End of Darkness takes place five years after; yet in the same world as Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits. Edda is a young man whose youth is marked by a ‘boring island life’; but his serenity is shattered when he meets Kirika; a rude young woman; on the beach. Shortly after; Edda tries to help a hunter capture vicious criminals; but when the hunter is killed; Edda notices Kirika standing nearby; and his suspicions begin to grow about the mysterious young woman. Edda who has awakened as a full-fledged exorcist becomes a hunter himself. Realizing a sense of responsibility to save the weakened world he sets out on a remarkable journey that will ultimately pit civilization against nature.

For the first time the Arc the Lad series takes a real-time action approach and players fight vigorously though various action-packed missions to build up their character. They then take the same character online to fight and cooperate with up to seven other gamers. The game will include an all-star cast of characters from the Arc the Lad series.

  • First Action-Based Game in the Series. Control the main character in real time. Perform combos equip items and magic.
  • Improved Card and Guild System. Collect cards from battle and events and equip up to 4 kinds of cards per stage to gain new skills.
  • Play Online in Real Time. Take your single player character online:.Match mode. Battle with up to 8 players (4 vs. 4).
  • Coop mode. Proceed through missions in teams of 4 look for rare cards by defeating enemies in dungeons (online-exclusive missions are included) and chat live.
  • Easy mode. Quick-play coop mode without chat.
  • Total of 24 Characters From the Arc the Lad® Series. Defeat your enemies collect items and magic and build your character.


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