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Al Unser Turbo Racing

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Genre: Racing
Publisher: Data East Corporation
Developer: Data East
Release Date: March 1990
Language: English

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Get ready for racing action like you’ve never experienced it. Because Al Unser; Jr.’s Turbo Racing is so much more than just a game you drive. It’s a game you design; a game where everything — from the pit crew to the power boost; from the suspension to the speed; right down to the color of the racing machine itself — is in your control. An entire racing season on the world’s 16 toughest tracks lies ahead. Each demands its own strategy; Al Jr. will give you advice before every race. IN the pursuit of the season’s championship; you can set up and modify your own car; or climb behind the wheel of Little Al’s maxxed-out machine. Great graphics. Astonishing action. If you’re into racing; Al Unser Jr.’s Turbo Racing puts you into it like no other game around.


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